Hi, I'm Stan Beloushko, and I help founders make strategic decisions and effectively communicate them

The questions I focus on

• What should be done when the solution is unknown?
This addresses situations where there is a lack of clarity or knowledge about the appropriate course of action.

• Should it be done when there is a solution, but uncertainty about it?
This explores situations where a solution exists, but there are uncertainties or doubts regarding its suitability or effectiveness.

• How should it be done when it is unclear how to implement the identified solution?
This pertains to scenarios where the appropriate approach or steps for implementing a known solution are uncertain or not well-defined.

Services and Pricing

1-on-1 session
If you want my opinion on a specific problem or just want to pick up my expertise on strategy and communication — the fee is €200 for a 2.5-hour session.
Following the call, you'll receive both a recording and a summary of our discussion.

Facilitated session with the team
Strategic decisions have a broader impact on people. To achieve more effective results, decisions should be created, understood, and accepted by those affected.
A facilitated session is a highly structured meeting led by the facilitator (me), guiding participants through a series of predefined steps to collectively create, understand, and accept the resulting outcomes.Starting from €3,000 per session

Ongoing advising
Weekly meeting with focus on designing and implementation a simple but exciting strategy.
We identify the strategic path that will set you apart from your competitors and ignite your entire team.We create a list of leverage ideas spanning the entire business, including product, marketing, distribution, and more, aligning it with the new strategy. These ideas deliver instant results effortlessly.We collaborate to implement the changes and integrate the strategy so thoroughly into your organization that it becomes an organic part of your operations.A three-month commitment is required.Starting from €5,000 per month

About me

I've had a background as the founder of a marketing agency with over a decade of experience in strategy and communication. During this time, I've led numerous projects for both international and local brands.My startup experience spans over four years, and I'm currently engaged in a new venture. I gained valuable experience as a founder at Adtile Russia and Grocerly.As an advisor, I focus on areas like Environmental, Energy, Food, Media, Sport and Education.Beyond my professional endeavors, I'm a marathon runner, a culinary enthusiast, and a dedicated researcher.

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